Why should people be interested in adventure racing and the MARCH?

Adventure racing and the MARCH stand for principles that are inspirational, environmental, healthy and inclusive.


Adventure racing and the athletes who participate are inspirational

In a world increasingly populated by athletes who ask a lot and sometimes offer little adventure racing athletes break the mould. They give everything, ask little and can inspire all.

The challenges they face are colossal. Their mental and physical strength is awe inspiring. They can run, cycle, climb, swim, canoe for days on end. Their race does not have two halves or last a matter of minutes. The physio is not present to rub it better. They will be racing when you wake up and still racing when you go to bed – for day after day. Their field is not freshly cut and newly painted. Their field can be the most inhospitable place on earth. Adventure racing athletes dream bigger dreams and think bigger thoughts than ordinary athletes.  In doing so, they inspire and challenge others to do more and be better.

Positive change whether in the business or the social environment can be effectively triggered by inspirational role models. Learning about the new and extreme challenges faced by minority sports people and understanding how those challenges were met can bring the challenges of business and life within reach. One of our aims is to inspire the next generation, from whatever background, to take up adventure racing and take more out of life.

Inspirational  |  Environmental  |  Healthy  |  Inclusive