Brooks Sanctuary, 25km

Read our plog (picture blog) about the race here:

This should be a stunning MARCH and fairly tough work. It’s an off road course with plenty of adulating elevation. The long course we’re doing starts by heading up Nelson’s 1862 ‘railtrail’ which began as New Zealand’s first railway. It was horse drawn, transporting the chromite and copper spoils from the Dun Mountain Mineral Belt before closing in 1866 due to unfavourable returns. The climb heads up and up, ascending Fringed Hill (793m), which should offer stunning views out over Tasman Bay.

The Brooks Sanctuary is an incredible place too, with a fantastic objective:

Imagine a place… where native plants and animals thrive, without threat from introduced pests. … alive with birdsong, where rare species such as kiwi, tuatara and kakapo roam freely. … where you can get involved and make a difference. … where visitors can see native flora and fauna close to home.

(You can see above the proposed fence line – photo credit Brooks Sanctuary)

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is a community-based initiative working to create a pest-free wildlife sanctuary close to the Nelson city centre in New Zealand. Integral to creating the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is construction of a pest-proof fence 14km long, to enclose the area, and to eradicate all the pest mammals within it. This will enable the re-creation of a historic piece of New Zealand which today is only found on a few offshore islands. Resident birds, reptiles and invertebrates will flourish and species previously lost from the area will be re-introduced. The project was launched in 2004 and has strong community involvement and support.

Read our plog (picture blog) about the race here:

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