Funny how they call it shipping aye? As if we’d put your funky new MARCH kit on a ship!

Don’t worry, we’ll put it on a plane and only charge you a fair price. Each product is individually weighed and the shipping price is clearly set out before you authorise the purchase. We have to make some generalisations. We can’t work out in advance the price to send every item to every location on the planet – BUT, we keep it super fair. Our shipping prices reflect what it costs to package and get the goods to you from our location in Godzone – Downunder – the Land of the Long White Cloud – Aotearoa. That’s good ‘ol NZ to the rest of you!

We dispatch the goods as quickly as possible after you order them as we know you’re gonna want to get off on your next adventure and need to take your new MARCH kit with you. As you’ll have picked up by now, we live adventure racing. As a result, we may on occasion be off on some crazy adventure. If we are, and if that is likely to delay delivery, we’ll tell you.

Any dramas with the kit give us a yell. We doubt you’ll every want to return it but of course, we’ll help you out. Your rights are protected by all sorts of rules and regs but they are also protected by a fair dinkum MARCH policy to be cool about these things!