The Multisport Adventure Racing CHallenge

Harder – Higher – Further – Faster

MARCHing to a new future – for the new generation!”

With the thrill and excitement of multisport adventure racing the MARCH wants to help the new generation MARCH to a new future. Boldly CHallenging everyone to work HARDER, aim HIGHER, go FURTHER in their life and reach their goals FASTER.

Our products are designed, developed and tested specifically for the new generation – our children. A genuine children’s sportswear brand!

The MARCH and multisport adventure racing stand for principles that are inspirational, environmental, healthy and inclusive.

Adventure racing is a broad umbrella term to cover multi day and single day cross discipline (running, cycling, kayaking, mountaineering etc) adventure racing. We think it’s the most exciting sport on Earth!

Adventure races are growing in popularity. More famous examples are the Coast to Coast in New Zealand and the Mountain Marathon in the United Kingdom, and in the past, Primal Quest, the Raid Gauloises and the Eco-Challenge. There is now an adventure racing world series across 10 countries and an adventure racing world championship.