The MARCH will pledge a share of all profits to charitable causes aligned with the principles underpinning the MARCH – with a particular focus on causes associated with adventure racing. It will drive financial support to those charitable causes in a number of ways.

The MARCH will support small businesses wishing to market innovative products to the adventure racing community. The MARCH knows how CHallenging it can be to bring a new product to market.  Through its online store, its athletes and its promotional activities, the MARCH will help.  What do we ask in return?  As part of our support we will work with each company to agree an acceptable share of their sales profit to contribute to charity.

The MARCH also develops and markets a range of bespoke, best in breed, adventure racing products – to see them please visit our online store by clicking here. We will donate a share of all profits generated by the sale of these products to our chosen charities.

The MARCH will never sell or market a product that does not produce a charitable donation.