Auckland Half Marathon, 21.1 km

What a treat – MARCHing with Mum!

I ran my first ever marathon with Mum. The London Marathon in 2003!! In fact, it was the first marathon for each of us. Without having spent much time running Mum decided she wanted to run a marathon before she turned 60 – and so she did. Keeping me honest and doing a better job than me – I wouldn’t have finished without her support!

Since London we have run marathons together all round the world – New York, Cork, Venice, Vienna, New Plymouth.

And now Mum’s turning 70 so it’s time for another MARCH. She’s already smashed out the Auckland marathon a number of times so this year we’re gonna knock off the half – can’t wait!!

On Sunday 2 November, the day after Mum turns 70, I’ll be MARCHing with Mum over the Auckland Harbour bridge!






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