Adventure racing provides the perfect sporting context for developing a sustainable environmental awareness

Adventure racing depends on the quality of the natural environment. One can not happen without the other. Leaving nothing but footprints adventure racing provides a unique expression of a sustainable relationship between man and the environment. In building, understanding and experiencing that relationship it also develops an environmental respect and awareness unavailable in many sports.

People may say that adventure racing harms the environment. We take a different view. We believe that by developing awareness, love and respect for the environment through adventure racing people are unlikely to go back to their board room and community and suggest their company builds another 10 factories, clears another 100 hectares of forest or pollutes their local stream. If you love and enjoy your back yard you do not foul it! An adventure racing athlete will generally ‘pack it in and pack it out’. They go out of their way not to damage their sporting environment and will be the first to promote this approach to others.

Adventure racing can build responsible and respectful attitudes towards sustainable environmental practices. Business processes and frameworks should be harmonious with their surroundings, just like Adventure Racing. We want to help young folk grow up with a respect for the environment. We think adventure racing can help them do that.

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