Looping the Lake

You dont get a better location for an early morning race start than Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes, NZ!!

And the local residents are pretty cool too!

Camo kitted up and ready to MARCH and marshall. Our role was to start as tail end Charlies for the first 5/7 km and then run through the field with the medical kit checking how everyone was doing and helping as needed.

Here you see Michael Vesty at the quarter way mark. This was where we started MARCHing through the field checking on people. Vesty drew the short straw having to carry the Search & Rescue radio.

Camo poses before the first river crossing. Late autumn but the mountain water already had the chill of winter to it!!

Camo closes in on the finish line.

Camo and Vesty after a job well done. No major injuries. A few sprains needed our attention and a few weary bodies needed to dip in to the medical pack jelly beans but a successful race and a top MARCH and marshall!





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