First MARCH Downunder

Sure is nice to have blazing sunshine over Christmas and New Years!

We MARCHed in to town on Christmas eve ready for the new adventure Downunder. Here you see mini-MARCHer Miss Dulcie enjoying the good weather in Auckland, NZ.

But you can’t sit around in the sun too long – it was time to get the runners on and start MARCHing…!

29 December 2013

Based in Birkenhead, Auckland, our first MARCH was to Chelsea Heritage Park. A cracking spot with Chelsea Bay opening up to the Waitemate Harbour on the North Shore of Auckland.

In the shot above you can see Camo cruising through the park against the backdrop of the Auckland cityscape. The Auckland Harbour Bridge and Skytower can both be seen. And the Park itself is very interesting too. It is home to the Chelsea Sugar Refinery – known to every Kiwi as the brand and image on our bags of sugar!

Located on prime waterfront land in the country’s biggest city it has become an iconic landmark. With listed buildings and a huge estate open to the public (which proved great for Camo’s MARCH!) the Refinery, which dates from 1884, is a fantastic asset for the City.

A short MARCH of 40 minutes and a lovely way to start the MARCH Downunder.

30 December 2013

Heading to the western shore of Birkenhead our next MARCH was at Kauri Point Domain.

Any opportunity to MARCH among Kauri is special. A native NZ tree of immense size and longevity they can live for 2000 years and grow to a mighty size. Truly magnificent trees. The reserve is on the coast so you get sea views too and get this….A natural oyster bed!!

Here’s a sequence of Camo taking on the shoreline (not sure what his arms are doing – looks like he’s trying to fly!)

The temptation of fresh Oysters was too much to resist. Camo cracked a couple open on the rocks and got stuck in mid run!

And then it was time to head back – trusting the clean green Kiwi countryside still held true for shellfish in the harbour of the country’s biggest city…!

A cracking MARCH to end our stay in Auckland. Time now to head south to set up shop in Nelson. 45 minutes at an easy pace, with stunning scenery, beautiful fresh shellfish – and now it’s time to MARCH on!



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